Magnetic Microcirculation Face Massage Stone

Magnetic Microcirculation Face Massage Stone

Comes with a box
Measurement:8x5 cm
Material: Ceramics

Selling points:

- Lymphatic Congestion on face will cause dark circle, eye puffiness, face swollen, pimples & acne, fine wrinkles, dull skin. This massage stone has thin magnetic microcirculation effect that stimulate our face lymphatic system to create more radiant and flawless face complexion.
- Special designed curvy to reach out every single point on our face.
- Can be used for whole body too
- spend minimum 3 minutes a day to achieve slimming 'V' face

- improve blood circulation
- improve congested lymph nodes
- reduce dark circle
- enhance eye puffiness, face swollen,
- improve pimple & acne
- create a radiant & glow complexion
- reduce fine line, wrinkles on face & around eyes
- achieve slimming 'V' face
- improve sagging face
- help cut down on migraines /headache

Things to know:
- Handmade products so the size, colours may be vary
- Need to wash first before using
- Please take note this massage stone maybe with or without wordings/ logo on it but it won't affect the quality
- May cause skin redness for first time user but this is normal due to blood circulation.
- Use it before bed for a better result in the next morning
- Face lotion/ moisturizer cream can be applied too before massage for a better result

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