Charcoal Activated Filter Face Masks - 10pcs

Charcoal Activated Filter Face Masks

Bulk pack of Charcoal Activated Filter Face Masks for industrial and commercial use. Superior four layer material (3 ply non woven fabric + 1 ply activated carbon) means you are full protected in all working environments while using a comfortable mask that will not interfere with your vision or breathing.


Great for people with chemical sensitivities and allergies, charcoal filters are natural protection at its very best! These Charcoal Activated Filter Face Masks offer first-rate protection against the dangerous air found in all industrial work situations such as; - Painting - Welding - Using industrial cleaning chemicals - Using industrial glues - Spraying insecticides or pesticides - Burning and incineration duties - Working with insulation (new and old types) - Odor guard when doing waste management. - Working with oils and gas fumes - Labs with refining chemicals - And much more


Made especially for challenging industrial work environments, these Charcoal Activated Filter Face Masks all available at a low wholesale price especially for the customers of Order yours now and keep yourself and your work crew protected from the known and unknown air particles you encounter in performing your regular onsite duties.




Product Features

  • Protection Layers: 4 Ply (3 ply non woven fabric + 1 ply activated carbon)
  • Bacteria Filtration: 99.5%
  • Air Breathability: 29.4 Pa (Delta P)
  • Wear Type: Ear Loop Style
  • Size: 18CM x 9.5CM
  • Size: Excellent design, fit for all adults
  • A set of 10pcs


Product Notes

  • Small and flexible enough to carry in a woman's purse, fit into a man's inside suit pocket; store in an office desk, car glove compartment, or any handy location. Folds flat, is light-weight, compact, and portable.
  • Regular industrial gas masks are clumsy, bulky, reduce the user's field of vision, and can restrict air flow. These disposables solve all of these problems.


Directions for Use

  • Remove mask from package. Place mask on face with metallic strip over nose, pinch the strip to form a good fit. The elastic loops should be put over both ears. When finishes, the used masks can be discarded in the household or office trash.